Sunday, June 11, 2006

i don't feel like talking to foxy anymore, which is weird. I don't understand why she often insists that my feeling towards CY is just a reflection of my feeling over myself, which makes me rather disgusted.

i re read much of the blog. Good recording, which is the reason that i am not closing it down. but i guess i am happy to have this place for myself, 'cause i do need certain kind of privacy to be honestly true to myself.

Monday, March 13, 2006

back from London. CY said his heart was given out once, in LSE. It was so shocking to hear that. i couldn't finish my fish and chips.

God, why do i like him? Why am i wasting my time?

Friday, March 03, 2006

En fait la vie est o combien éprouvante. J'ai fini un autre entretien téléphonique. Cette fois, c'est avec HSBC. Lu Yi, qui est arrivée depuis Mecredi, a préparé cette entretien pour moi hier soir. Donc, bien qu'il soit pas très très bon, il était au moins meilleur que hier soir.

This whole job stuff is so silly and long, like the stocking of an old lady. No wonder people want to find a job and quickly settle down.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

So I did see Kirstin Scott-Thomas last night. Wow, what a feeling.
I should tell Hu Jun, non?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

----Original Message Follows---- > > finally everything is over,econs paper,my first > > visit > > to my secondary school friends,my first shopping > > trip > > to the city center... > > > > Suddendly it's December. Days are passing by > flying > > and i don't know what have been doing except > eating > > goodies and sleeping soundies. Had a quarrel with > my > > mum. She was trying to control everything. > Everyday > > complain that i didn do my hair properly,didn > wash > > face thoroughly,didn make bed neatly...i told her > i > > am > > not a little girl anymore. i am 18 going to 19. i > > have > > been living alone abroad for 3 years.i am an > > independent woman who need no such nagging.i know > i > > must have hurt her.but i don't know in the end > who > > hurt who more. > > > > So there i was today, strolling alone down the > > streets > > of the city center full of bustle under a cloudy > > grey > > sky, drowning in the crowds whom i don't where > they > > are heading. That makes me grow wistful. and > there s > > just certain beauty inside such wistfulness that > > make > > me keep wanting more and in the end find myself > in a > > depression. > > Qian Lin